Open Tournament “Ukraine Cup 2021”

December 28, 2021

Ukraine kyokushinkaikan karate cup was held at the physical culture and sports higher school of Brovary on December 4th, 2021.The competition hosted 360 young sportsmen representing 25 Ukrainian teams. The event was organized by Brovary children sports club “Budokan”.

The opening ceremony was visited by the honorable guests: the head of the Ukrainian kyokushinkaikan karate federation Dmytro Volynets, the head of the physical culture and sports department of town Brovary Dmytro Rozhkov. They greeted young sportsmen with the beginning of the competition and wished them luck on the tatami, and also expressed gratitude to the sponsors and supporters, in particular to “LS Sports & Gaming Lawyers”. Then the kumite and kata competition began. All the fights were spectacular and exciting. In such an atmosphere of sport the visitors had no time for boring. All the sportsmen strived to win and demonstrated excellent skills, physical strength and the will for victory. In some age categories there were many competitors but only one karateka could become a winner, and it was really the best one.

Young and beautiful girls kept pace with the strong males, and sometimes their fights were extremely spectacular. Time has passed quickly and the results were announced. The awards were bestowed by the main organizer Andriy Gavrylyuk, the main judge Dmytro Volynets and others. All the winners were granted gold, silver and bronze medals, and also cups and diplomas. But one can say that their main prize was the combat experience of such a high level.

The results in team ranking: 1st place – “KWF” team, Mykolayiv, 2nd place – sport club “Muromets”, Kyiv, 3rd place – sport club “Yastrub”, Mukachevo. The best sportsmen of the Ukraine Cup were announced Gerasymenko Danyil, Povoroznyuk Margarita, Zagorodnyuk Daria, Bozhenko Maksym and Harytonov Dmytro.