Zakarpatya Championship

June 18, 2021

Zakarpatya open IKO Matsushima kyokushinkaikan karate championship “Transcarpathian Power Championship 2021” was held in Uzhgorod on June 12th, 2021.

280 sportsmen (4-15 years old) participated in the competition, representing 15 teams from 5 regions.

It was the most large-scale regional championship hosted in Zakarpatya. Therefore there was a division for beginners and another one for experienced sportsmen. And it was a real emotional test for those who competed for the first time, both children and their parents.

There were two tatami, and judge teams were shifted every 30 minutes. All the winners were awarded prizes of corresponding level. Also there were special cups: “For the best technique”, awarded to Kanchiy Mykhaylo (town Mukachevo), and “For the will to win”, awarded to a sportsmen from Ivano-Frankivsk.

We want to appreciate everyone connected to organization and performance of the competition: designer Vita Pavluk (diplomas), DJ Danik, accompanying music by Daniel Ilyushonok, video-report by Vyzcheslav Lenyo (“Zniato studio”), photographer Myroslav Ivancho and all the judges.

We also want to express gratitude to Mukachevo City Mayor Baloga Andriy Mykhaylovych and Mukachevo Town Council for their support in organizing of the competition.