Ukraine Open Cup among children and youth was held

Ukraine Open cup among children and youth (8-15 y.o.) was held in Brovary on December 9th, 2018. Читати далі…

5th World Cup Results of Our Team

5th World Cup in Shanghai (China) was finished on November 18th, 2018. Our Federation was represented by 4 sportsmen Читати далі…

Trainees of Sempai Yaroslav Goncharenko and Sensei Dmytro Golovin Participated in Open Dnipro Region Championship

Open Dnipro region kyokushin karate (WKO) championship was held in Dnipro on November 11th 2018. Читати далі…

Ukrainian Cup among Children and Young Men will be Held in Brovary

Attention, club and organization chiefs and trainers!

Open Ukrainian Kyokushinkaikan karate (IKO Matsushima) Cup will be held in Brovary Читати далі…

Volyn Region Championship

Volyn region championship was held in Lutsk on October 27th, 2018. 170 sportsmen from Lutsk, Kovel and Kivertsi district Читати далі…

Ukrainian Championship Among Adults and Juniors was Held in Dnipro

Ukrainian IKO Matsushima kyokushinkaikan karate championship in kumite and kata among adults and juniors (16-17 y.o.) was held in Dnipro on September 22nd, 2018. Читати далі…

Members of the Federation took part in European camp

The 10th European summer training camp for Branch-Chiefs, instructors and sportsmen was held in German town Bad-Hersweld from 2018-08-02 to 2018-08-05. Читати далі…

Summer Training Camp

Summer training camp for sportsmen from Ukrainian Kyokushinkaikan Karate Federation was held at the recreation camp “Shahtar” (Pavlivka, Volyn region) from June 24th to July 1st. Читати далі…

Zakarpattya Region Championship

Zakarpattya region IKO Matsushima kyokushinkaikan karate championship was held in picturesque Ukrainian town Mukachevo on April 14th, 2018. The competition hosted 182 sportsmen from different regions of Ukraine. Читати далі…

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