Romania International Competition

November 24, 2021

International Cup Romania was held in picturesque Transylvanian town Sibiu on October 2nd, 2021. The tournament hosted more than 400 sportsmen representing 5 countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. Up to 40 sportsmen competed in some categories.

Team of our Federation consisted of Brovary, Lviv and Dnipro karatekas and they won quite a lot medals.



1st place:

Zagorodnyuk Dmytro (Brovary)

Zagorodnyuk Daria (Brovary)

Snizhko Illya (Brovary)

Chernukha Danyil (Brovary)

Bilyk Eduard (Brovary)

Sedelnikova Julia (Brovary)


2nd place:

Povoroznyuk Margarita (Dnipro)

Holovin Nazar (Dnipro)

Lipkin Platon (Dnipro)


3rd place

Soldatenko Oleksandr (Brovary)

Stashchuk Tymofiy (Brovary)

Mihalko Iryna (Brovary)

Shkopynska Alisa (Dnipro)



1st place Bachurin Serhiy (Lviv)

2nd place Zagorodnyuk Dmytro (Brovary)

3rd place Hyzhnyak Ivan  (Brovary), Sedelnikova Julia (Brovary)


Our greetings to the winners!