Trainees of Sempai Yaroslav Goncharenko and Sensei Dmytro Golovin Participated in Open Dnipro Region Championship

November 20, 2018

Open Dnipro region kyokushin karate (WKO) championship was held in Dnipro on November 11th 2018. Dnipropetrovsk region separate branch of Ukrainian Kyokushinkaikan Karate Federation was represented by 18 trainees of sempai Yaroslav Goncharenko and sensei Dmytro Golovin, and also sempais Antsibora Valentin and Priadkin Igor as corner judges.

The competition hosted sportsmen from different kyokushin karate federations from Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizzhya and Kirovograd regions. More than 250 fighters competed in different weight categories. In spite of quite a biased judging, our fighters managed to show their best fighting qualities in every fight.


1st place: Dolinnyy Oleksandr, Asatrian Egish, Kravets Roman, Toroptsov David, Koliada Mykyta;

2nd place: Golovin Nazar and Lipkin Platon;

3rd place: Chernobyl Karina and Chernobyl Valentin.

The competition became a great stimulus for further development in kyokushinkai karate for all the sportsmen who failed to get to prize-winning places for different reasons.