Dnipropetrovsk Region Championship

October 2, 2014

Dnipropetrovsk region open Kyokushinkaykan karate championship was held at the sports complex of Dnepropetrovskwelding vocational school named after Paton on 28th September, 2014.

About 150 young fighters took part in the competition. They represented Dnipropetrovsk, Novomoskovsk, Zaporizhya (Shin), Kirilovki and Uzhgorod. Dnipropetrovsk regional branch of Ukrainian Kyokushinkaykan karate federation was represented by 6 fighters: Golovin Nazar (6-7 years below 30 kg), Galysh Maxim (8-9 years below 25 kg), Rashed Ziyad (8-9 years below 30 kg), Boyko Nikita (10-11 years below 40 kg), Dolinnyy Alexander (12-13 years below 50 kg) and Gorb Maxim (12-13 years below 50 kg).

Our boys have fought well, and 5 of them won medals to prove their excellent condition in comparison with fighters from Budokai, Shin kyokushin and Kyoukushinakaikan karate schools.

Our fighters have won 2 silver medals (Galysh Maxim and Dolinnyy Alexander), and 3 bronze medals (Golovon Nazar, Rashed Ziyad and Gorb Maxim). It’s a pity, that Boyko Nikita failed to overcome his opponent in the semi-final fight.

The tournament was organized very well. The refereeing was fair and competent and it met all the rules of Kyokushinkaikan karate organization.